Zapalo beach is one of the few remaining beaches in Limassol left in their raw beauty and that's a good thing. Visited by few and used as a fishing boat shelter is well worth the visit.

We heard rumours about the location - the secluded beach - unknown to most. Sounded too good to be true.

Indeed there is scarse information on the web and only very few of our friends had heard about the place but were kind enough to provide us with directions to the area and then it was up to us to find it.


The beach is off the main road of Curium but lacks signs at the dirt road that eventually leads to it.  We missed the dirt road on our first attempt and had to go back hunting again. Creeping slowing on those first few meters on the dirt road, we realized this was going to be a bumpy ride. The edge of the cliff was near and we wanted to get a glimpse of the beach below. 

Breathtaking view from above. This meant we had to continue. We had to continue. Going back was not an option.

The dirt ...path was clearly visible now. Approximately 2KMs long leading to a gorgeous three hundred meter beach, hidden and engulfed by white twenty-story high cliffs.

Our little car was up to the task, the only thing we felt sorry was not mixing coffee with milk before we started the descent as we could of easily ended up with a coffee-frappe by the time we reached there - Yeah, it was that bumpy. 

Parked at the beach, took out our umbrella and set up. There were a few other families there, far away, each enjoying their slice of paradise.

Crystal clear waters, clean sand, peace and quiet added to the recipe. Couldn't ask for more.

We had lunch, swam , played a little , took a few of the photos you can see below and vowed to keep this beach a secret - just kidding. Apparently Zapalo beach is getting more and more attention with reports that the visitors and the parties are growing in number. That's a bit disappointing but once people take pictures and make articles about places (ahem) the word gets out and its not a secret anymore. Yet we'll keep roaming around discovering new secluded places to visit as there are, thankfully, a lot left in Cyprus





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