The Vereggaria Hotel opened its doors in 1931 and closed down in 1984.

During its prime it hosted prestigious and wealthy clientele from all over the world earning the title of hotel of the kings while nowadays its rumoured to be a ghost hotel.

 Surrounded by pine trees and offering amazing views one can see why it was so successful in the past.

While the main structure remains almost intact, there are clear indications of the danger visitors assume while taking the tour.

Let's be clear about this - the site is not open for the public. It seems that despite rumoured efforts from the current owners anyone can gain access and walk about.

Arriving at Prodromos we proceeded towards the driveway leading to the Hotel.
Greeted by a young man holding a metal bar , taken from the annihilated power gate barrier next to him, we were told that the there is a fee for parking at the Hotel's driveway as the land is still privately owned.
We smiled and gave him a couple of euros for his enterprise skills as there is little chance his operation was legal to begin with.

Parked, unloaded the gear and made our way to the Hotel. People are fascinated and intrigued by the mystery and ghost stories of the place, making it a highly visited attraction.
During the time we had spent on site, which was a little more than an hour, there must have been more than a hundred people strolling around with us. Families even.

It's not the safest place to take your family; the dirt floors, wooden planks and crumbling walls are not the ideal setting for a family visit. There's even police tape in some of the rooms warning people not to cross.

The Hotel and it's surroundings are amazing though. It truly must have been incredible in its time and we can only hope it is restored and reopened in the future

Visit at your own risk

I'll let the pictures below tell the rest




Cyprus Aerial Photography Team 


Timber by EMSIEN 3 Ltd BG