Spilia village was founded in the 16th century and now has approximately one hundred inhabitants. Off the main road of Nicosia-Troodos, surrounded by mountain peaks and at an altitude of 1100m, Spilia is a perfect destination for relaxing, trekking and one day excursions to the mountain.

As usual, we were driving about, enjoying the scenery when we neared Spilia. The surroundings were gorgeous and we had to make a stop for a quick flight around the village.

We then decided to walk down the narrow village roads and just enjoy the day.

That's when things took an unexpected turn. Apparently we raised a few eyebrows with our cameras and one of the local shop owners decided to inquire on our intentions! We were quite fortunate to meet Mr.Sotiris, a local cafe/supermarket/tavern owner (his shop offers a little bit of everything as he describes it) who was kind enough to talk to us about the village, its residents, the old times and Cypriot hospitality. Back in the day, as he stated, if you noticed any new faces sitting at the village coffee-house (Καφενείο) you would immediately inform the shop keeper to bring local treats to their table, thus welcoming the strangers to the village. The funny part was when everyone would notice them and send over their welcome offerings - the strangers would eventually have to carry boxes of treats home, because you wouldn't want to leave a gift behind now would you ?

Gorgeous village, surroundings and proof that Cypriot hospitality is still alive and well - but hidden in the mountains 

Enjoy the pictures and video below and visit Spilia for a coffee while sitting under the vine leaves !






Cyprus Aerial Photography Team 

Timber by EMSIEN 3 Ltd BG